Philosophical Chairs Debate

Philosophical Chairs Debate
Posted on 11/21/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Philosophical Chairs DebateWrenn Middle School students learned formal arguments through a debate-style activity called Philosophical Chairs.

Philosophical Chairs is an exercise that requires students to use critical thinking skills to resolve conflicts.

It was a week-long activity that involved the debated topic – “Should students be assigned homework?” Students researched several sources to support their claims and presented their arguments in a written essay. Through the process, students learned to defend their views and how to value the power of listening. "What I liked the most about Philosophical Chairs was that we could argue, but in a professional way," said Sarah L., a sixth-grade student. "We made it fun by debating on each side. Overall, I like telling others what I think about a topic."

The exercise is also a versatile way to get students speaking and collaborating with each other. Mr. Terrazas, a teacher at Wrenn Middle School, chose the activity because it strengthens students’ public speaking and organizational skills. "All of my students worked extremely hard. They expressed professionalism that most people don't expect from sixth-grade students. To see them invested at an early age gets me excited for their futures," said Mr. Terrazas.