Elizabeth T. Wrenn Was born on December 2, 1902, in Karnes City, Texas. She graduated from San Marcos High School. She graduated with a Bachelor's from Prairie View A&M University in 1938. Before that time, she taught in Fredericksburg (1925 - 1926), Reedsville in Caldwell County (1926 - 1927), in Corsicana (1927 - 1928) and La Vernia (1928 - 1942). In 1942, she began teaching at George Washington Carver School, the school for blacks in the Edgewood Common District. She was the first black teacher in Edgewood District. During the summers of 1949 through 1951, she furthered her education by attaining her Master's Degree from the University of Nebraska. Once having earned her Master's in Administration and Supervision, she was ready for her next step in the Edgewood District. In 1959, when Lincoln Elementary School was opened, she became its first principal.

Her kindness and helpfulness among her associates and community won her the admiration of our community. By the time she retired, Ms. Wrenn had dedicated over 41 years to education, of which 24 years were spent in the Edgewood District.

Her untiring endeavors to improve the community and its citizens earned her the highest award. As a teacher, she was rewarded with her students and as an administrator, with the highest admiration. On March 18, 1968, the district of Edgewood bestowed on her the highest honors of naming the newest Junior High in her name.

On November 20, 1973, Ms. Elizabeth Terrell Wrenn was laid to rest with the knowledge that her community admired her. Many will continue her work, and her torch will never go out.